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技友牌電動起子 Professional Industrial Torque-control Electric Screwdriver




Direct Plug-In 110/220V FullAutomatic Clutch
Brushless Electric ScrewdriverAC-BL Series

AC110V/AC220V Direct plug-in sensorless(no sensor) brushless of high-precision internal rotation motor & Multi-functional Electric Screwdriver。

Plug-and-use without DC power supply, high stability, and low temperature rise characteristics, for long-precision operation.

Six rotation speed: 1000rpm / 700rpm / 400rpm and 1000rpm (softstart) / 700rpm (soft-start)/400rpm(softstart). It can be applied to various products.

Can be used with Programmable logic controller (PLC) and operate via external control unit. It’s suitable for automatic equipments (optional model).

Maximum torque can be reach to 45kgfcm. The outer diameter is only 34.0mm, small size, and high output torque.

Free from the troubles of carbon brush dust and supplies replacement, can be used in the clean room.

Special made brake switch has high resistance on impulsive vibration that will lengthen the switch life.

Integration of new buffer clutch, low impact, high-precision features, and lengthen the life of its usage.

Stepless torque adjustment, the series of models covering a wider range of torque output, is sufficient to meet diverse needs.

Minimalist appearance and excellent feel, effectively reduce the prolonged use of fatigue.


Three Mode Combination



UPPER mode

AC-BL series Parameter list

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AC-145BL speed 300/500/700