SINCE 1975
技友牌電動起子 Professional Industrial Torque-control Electric Screwdriver

Low Voltage DC Automatic Clutch
Electric Screwdriver F Series

First to specialize in Fwd/Rev trigger: just one easy step of pressing on the trigger will enhance work efficiency significantly.

Special made brake switch has high resistance on impulsive vibration that will lengthen the switch life.

High Power Rare Earth Magnet Motor has distinguished characteristics, including smaller dimension, higher torque output, double insulation device that is UL designed, and great safety.

The combination of the buffer device and a new clutch model will greatly reduce the shock, improve the precision of torque, and lengthen the life of its usage.

Slim and small housing can be grasped and operated for a long period of time.

Externally Replaceable Carbon Brush is easy and convenient; you do not need any professionals to do the maintenance.

Lockable external torque adjustment easy to set up and secure, do not need to purchase another accessories.

※We provide “bottom switch” or “slide switch” selection for F Series models reverse function. Customers can choose the operation, depending on their preference.

※RE/F series is compatible with AT base, fulfill automation needs.

F series Parameter list

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